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2009 Ford Fusion side mirror fuse blowing

Daughter’s car blows the power mirror fuse as soon as it’s installed, ignition on or off. Disconnected the mirror switch to rule that out and the fuse still blows upon insertion. Not sure how it’s wired exactly so I don’t know if I can rule out the mirror motors by disconnecting the switch or not. I’d obviously like to go without taking off both front door panels if I can avoid it. What should be my next step in troubleshooting this? Thanks!

If the mirror(s) are in proper position for your daughter, just leave the fuse out.

How often do the mirrors need adjusting?


Open the door. Find the wiring bundle that spans from chassis to door. Open the loom and look for broken wires all along that length.

It sounds like you have always hot wires going to the mirror, @TwinTurbo has a good idea, also if you have heated mirrors the heat element could be shorted out. If you turn the adjustment switch to drivers side does the fuse still blow?

Does anything else on the car not work? There are probably some other items on the same circuit as the power mirrors, the fault may not be with the mirrors themselves.

You’re going to need a power distribution wiring diagram.

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Like @TwinTurbo stated, there is a pretty good chance the problem is within the wiring harness inside the driver side door jam, especially if the mirror switch is on the door. The fuse could also be providing power some other things and if so the circuit for the mirrors may not be causing the issue. Wherever the problem is at, it is before any control switch since the fuse blows without turning anything on. You would be wise to invest in a factory manual for the wiring on the vehicle. It can save you a lot of time and effort in locating things and how the wiring is connected to things. Money well spent. Ebay is a good place to find manuals.