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Pgm-fi main relay for 1992 honda accord Lx


I have seen several diagrams for the location of the pgm-fi main relay and all indicates that its located inside the dashboard, if thats true is the only to get to it is by removing the dash board or is there another way? any suggestions

thank you Ulysiscal19

Its not in the dash, its under the dash but concealed with lower cover. If you don’t have a service manual, you should probably buy the part first so that you’ll know it when you see it. Generally under the steering wheel area under the dash. So take the lower dash trim cover off and stick your head up there with a light to locate it. Just unplug the old one and plug the new one in. I did my son’s on the road so not that tough once you have the part.

thank you,
this might be a dumb question but, pgm-fi main relay is the fuel pump relay correct?

Yes it is. The FI stands for fuel injection.