Toyota Tercel Fuel Pump Relay

Does anyone know where the fuel pump relay is on a '94 Tercel. Chilton’s wiring diagram shows it, Autozone’s repair section mentions it, but no location, and none of the parts stores shows a listing for it.

And I may have a busted one.

Thanks for your help.


Toyota (and many others) have a black box full of relays usually under the hood, on the driver’s side. Probably covered by a pop-off cover, often having the relay’s functions printed inside. Check here. Have seen a few fuel pump relays inside the trunk area usually behind a removable panel. HTH.

Yes, there’s a master fuse/relay box under the hood, which only has the EFI relay, which is used to drive the Fuel Pump Relay.

I remember Tom & Ray saying that is was under the dash that vintage Japanese car, but I don’t remember where.

So I need to hear from someone who is familiar with this car.