Main relay

Where is the location of the main relay on a 1986 Honda accord lx?

If its like all the rest of them it should be under the dash by the left side of the steering wheel. You have to take the trim panel underneath off to see it and get to it. If you already have the part, it should be easy to id.

Are they really solder in?

It all might depend upon what model of Accord you have. Some are fuel injected and have a main relay; others are carbureted and have a pump relay.

Is this relay a guess at something? There are a number of things that could mimic a faulty relay or cause a relay to become inoperative.


If you have a 1986 Honda Accord LX, it is carbureted, and does not have a Main Relay, it has a fuel cut relay. It is to the left of the steering column under the dash. It is in a metal case that looks gold, the end where the plug goes is red plastic. If I remember correctly, the 2 wires in the plug that are black/white can be jumped to run power directly to the fuel pump.