Persistent Oil Leak


Hi, I have an Audi 1.8T; 2000 Model. It has a constant oil-leak which my local mechanic cannot seem to fix. I am in South Africa. Please advise

Where’s the leak? Is it from the back end of the engine, near where the transmission is? Or is in the intercooler? Front of the engine?

The entire engine has oil seals all over the place, front, back, top, bottom, and sides. With a turbo, even has oil seals outside of the engine going to the turbo. Some of the seals are easy to get to and fix. Some are hard and expensive to get to. The most notorious oil leak comes from the rear main seal. This seal is located at the back end of the crankshaft behind the flywheel. To replace this seal, the transmission MUST be removed. This means a $1,000 charge to replace a $20 seal.