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2002 Ford Focus SVT

HELP!!! I have and engine oil leak on my Focus SVT. I can’t tell where it is coming from other than Im finding oil between the trans housing and engine. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Rear main seal?

That would be the crankshaft seal behind the flywheel, and if it leaks the oil drips between the engine and the transmission.

That doesn’t sound good. Is it costly to have a mechanic replace if it is the seal?

The transmission has to come off in order to get to the rear main seal.
How many miles on it? How big of a leak?
You might as well get the clutch changed at this time too.

Before anything else if your engine bay is really messy, I would carefully wash the engine bay (if possible cover the alternator and distributor with bags, so that the degreaser & water will not get to them)…Then I would reevaluate where the exact leak is coming from.

The leak is a pretty good one. I will degrease and check to see where the leak may be coming from. I just went out to check the oil level and see that there is a small cylindrical part with a black pipe going to it. Looks wet of engine oil. It is located in the upper right hand portion of the engine. Not sure what it is. I have 85,000 miles on the car.

That may be the oil pressure sending unit. I’ve had two go bad on my cars. Oil should drip out the end with the engine running. It cost about $50 to replace the unit on my 93 Caprice. My mechanic found the leak during a oil change.

Yes, clean and check. You don’t want to pay to have a rear main seal replaced if that’s not where the leak is coming from.

Thanks you guy’s! I will post what I find here when I find it. Good pointers as always.

Any way you could get us a picture of this part? I could see that you might describe your PCV valve as a small cylindrical part with a black pipe going to it, and it would be in the valve cover, I believe on the right (passenger) side of the engine in your case. This part will naturally have oil splashing into it, and if its loose in its gasket, you could very easily have an oil leak there. A new valve and gasket would probably cost you only $6-7 for parts and you could easily do it yourself.

However, as others have pointed out, you really should clean the sucker off first to pinpoint the leak, rather than just guessing or hoping its the cheap and easy fix

I will take a pic of it and post it.