Audi quattro 1999 model A6 oil leak


I found oil leaking out of my audi (model above) this morning. it runs great, but is leaving a small puddle everytime I park. I looked underneath and there is oil collected in many places. its not pouring but slow drip when the engine is hot. More to the front of the car. Its not happening at the washer to the crank to drain oil. Any guesses.

Not enough info to even begin the guessing process but it should not be difficult to figure it out.
However, one thing you should do right now before even considering driving this car again is to check the oil level and make sure it’s full. It can be very easy for a leak like this to get out of hand and leave you with a destroyed engine.

Until this is diagnosed and repaired you should also maintain the oil level over full. An extra quart in the engine would be best and it will hurt nothing. Just consider it a quart of insurance.

Guess: Transmission Or Engine Oil Cooler Or Cooler Line ?
Your Car’s Oil Is It’s Life Blood And It’s Bleeding To Death.

Guess: Where’s the engine oil filter ? Near the leak ?

Don’t guess: Have this car raised by a competent mechanic and have the leak located. Since it’s a steady drip the leak(s) should be fairly easy to locate. ASAP.


there is a lot of oil over the undercarriage and there is some that has spilled over exhaust manifold which emits bad smell. Thanks for all your inputs - I have been maintaining a good oil level. Waiting for the mechanic to call with some diagnosis.

Impossible for us to help I’m afraid. Like Common Sense said If its a steady repeatable leak ANY mechanic woth his salt should be able to ID and fix.

My guess it that it is your Front Main Seal But thats a GUESS 4 sure

i got a call from the independent mechanic and he gave me his lowdown. Please review and tell me if this guy is shitting me. Multiple leaks. Lets start with valve cover gasket seal replacement. Then cam adjuster seal replacement. Timing belt dripping with oil and has to be replaced. However its easy to replace timing belt since cam adjuster can be reached only by opening up seal. Oil cooler housing seal replacement. Camshaft housing seal replacement. engine area steam cleaned. Mechanic is asking for 1600.00 for job. Seals and belt perhaps dont cost more than $100 or 200$. $1400 labor sounds a lot. I have asked the mechanic to only fix the most leaky area and he keeps saying all have to be done. the car has 155K miles. If the prominent leak can be fixed I can drive the car out and put it on craigslist. I dont feel like investing 1600 in a 155K audi. Any thoughts. all responses on craigslist are thougtful and I appreciate all of your inputs.

whats a front main seal???

i dont understand why the mechanic cannot identify one area where there is most oil leak and fix it. He says there is leak everywhere. I know the valve cover gasket was leaking for many years but not much. I think the camshaft housing has been leaking some. I personally think the cam adjuster seal may be the one that is leaking most. Nevertheless why he does not make the case for one most prominent leak to be sealed is what I dont understand.

Well, maybe the other areas have significant leak too, or he does not want you to go back in 2 weeks complaining of the “other area” leaking too much for your liking. If you are smelling burnt oil, then an engine fire might not be that far.
You should get a second opinion.

On second opinion the mechanic figured its the camshaft adjuster (tensioner) seal that is leaking most amount of oil. Two of them plus valve cover gasket reseal is going to set me back by $738.00. He did not give me a parts plus labor breakdown. This price does not include taxes. Is this a good price or is he taking me for a ride. I understand the parts are not that expensive the tensioner gaskets are only 10 dollars a piece. But the labor would be a couple of hours. Please comment

i just got an estimat to replace cam adjusters (tensioner) and timing belt. Dealer wants $2070 for each (there are two) and independent (non audi mechanic) wants 3300 for both.

lp: thats a lot. Where are you based?