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Oil Leak


@005 Audi with 76000 miles, bought with an oil leak, O ring changed, still leaks, rear seal replaced, and then front seal on drivers side and then front seal on passengers side, then replaced same seal on passengers side, now rear seal leaking again…having it changed. Any idea why?? Or what I need to do? Its being done at the dealership…

What o-ring was changed? Has the actual source of the leak been verified each time? Leaks are hard to track down.

Maybe its time to have someone else have a look at it. You don’t need an Audi dealer to work on this car. Oil is oil & seals are seals.

There’s a front crankshaft seal, and a rear crankshaft seal. There isn’t a front seal on both ends of the engine.

The front seal is on the end where the accessory drive belts are. The rear seal is on the end where the transmission bolts up.

I doubt that either of these seals is an o-ring.

“2005 Audi with 76,000 miles.” That’s the problem.

You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself in for, do you? This will never end. Dump the car ASAP, before it becomes a bottomless money pit, which it will.

The original owners obviously didn’t do the necessary maintenance, and now you, as the second owner, are going to suffer.

Good luck.