2008 Acura TL - Oil leak up front

i have a 2008 acura tl its leaking oil from front of engine any advice before i tear it down

Are you talking about the front of the engine or the part of the engine that’s at the front of the car (which is actually the side of the engine since the engine is transverse-mounted)

If you’re talking about the real front of the engine and you intend to do this yourself, get a timing belt kit (the full one, with replacement pulleys and seals) and just do the job. If you’re gonna be tearing into it, you might as well replace the thing rather than having to tear it apart again later. Replace the water pump while you’re in there because it would suck to have to come back in a year or two and do the whole job again if the pump started to leak.

If you’re talking about the side of the engine, then it’s most likely that your valve cover seal is leaking. That’s a much easier job, so for your sake I hope that’s what you’re talking about. :wink:

How many miles on the car?


I would not do that without the factory manual or All Data for reference. I got the 07 manual which they said was the same for 08 from HANDA for a bargain. Doubt they still have them though.

Edit: I looked at the manual and the seal is fairly straight forward once you get that far provided you can get it out and have the proper seal installation tool. The timing belt etc. is a lot more complicated. There is a reason they charge $700 to do it.

Just in case this is not a leaking seal issue, you might check the oil pressure sending unit. Quite often with age and the beginning of winter the plastic on the sending unit can begin to fail around the crimp. Since this is pressurized motor oil a leak can get somewhat nasty.
If this is the case then it’s a cheap fix. Just something for consideration.

If this does turn out to be a crank seal issue then the crank journal should be inspected for a wear groove caused by the seal. If there is a groove then a Speedi-Sleeve is recommended to keep the new seal from leaking.