Periodic grinding noise, front wheel


Hello all,

I’ve recently purchased a 1999 Eurovan with 110K on it. Great for hauling four kids and camping…

However, it’s developed a disturbing grinding noise at the front right (passenger) wheel. Details:

-periodic, doesn’t happen all the time

-frequency of noise increases with speed (sounds like a metalic 'wrrrunk…wrrrunk…wrrrunk, one with each wheel revolution)

-appears to be independent of braking

-most obvious between 30-45 mph

-loudest when turning to the left (in fact recently it had stopped for a couple of days and started again sharply when going around a fairly sharp curve to the left at about 45 mph).

-it isn’t an out-of-balance tire or loose balance weight (already replaced it…)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!! (especially is it safe to be driving)


Chris C.


Is it safe to drive?? Certainly not! Your wheel is about to fall off. That’s not much fun when you’re hauling four kids at high speeds.

Have the wheel bearing checked out and replaced as necessary. There may be other causes for the noise, less dire, but you really need to find out as soon as possible.