Vibrating sound front driver tire (2012 beetle)

I have a 2012 VW beetle and it’s been making a rhythmic metallic sound at the driver side floorboard. I wouldn’t say it sounds like grinding but it’s very similar to the sound of a warped rotor rubbing against a brake pad. It only happens when I drive over 20mph and picks up in tempo the faster I go. The car is a manual transmission so when I disengage the clutch and let it roll at 40mph, the sound doesn’t change but once it goes below 20mph, it slows down and it goes away. When I put on the brakes, the sound is still there and it only goes away when the wheels are rolling under 20mph. It doesn’t sound like a hum, the car still drives straight and nothing vibrates and it doesn’t change when turning in either direction. I can’t hear it from outside but I can faintly hear it on the inside. I am at a loss as to what it could be

Edit: I included a link to a YouTube video of a the sound

So am I… because I can’t hear the noise, touch the car to feel the vibration or see the car to determine if something is rubbing. See what I am getting at? Take it to a well rated independent shop and tell them what you told us.

Or do the investigation yourself by jacking up the car, putting it on stands and crawling under while it is running to chase down the cause. Good Luck.

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