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Check Transmission Fluid?

I am trying to find the transmission fluid dipstick on my husbands 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII. The manual doesn’t not specify where it is located…just shows a picture and what to look for. I’ve searched high & low for the stupid thing and can’t find it.

I have also searched the internet and someone said that this particular 5R55E tansmissions don’t have one. As well as it is located by the “firewall” at the back of the engine. Heck if I can find anything that says “Transmission” on it. One person did say that there is a “fluid fill plug” located on the side of the tranny case (I assume transmition) and

a “level check tube plug” in the pan, but that doesn’t help me either.

So, I have come here to ask for help!!! Desperately!!! :wink: Hubby is NOT one to do anything to get the “hands” all dirty with oil and such like me. He couldn’t even change the burnt out tail light. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for your speedy answer!

Take care,

God Bless,

Julie D

Momma to Ash & AJ ~ 4 yrs old

If your car really has that transmission, then there is no dipstick. Instead there is a co-axial plug on the bottom of the transmission pan. Unscrew the inner plug with the car on level ground. If a little bit of fluid dribbles out, then the level is correct. If it doesn’t, then it is fun trying to add fluid. You need a squeeze bottle with the right size tube to force the fluid up through to check plug.
If you haven’t had the fluid flushed already, your past due on time alone.
Are you having problems? Most problems with these are usually the solenoid valves.

5R55E ??? No, A 98 Mark VIII should have a 4R70W in it. The dipstick tube should be back against the firewall but with a 4R70W you will have a dip stick.