Lexus transmission fluid dipstick?

I looked at a 2003 LS today and could not find a dipstick. I will be looking at a 2001 tomorrow. Can anyone help me out of finding the dipstick?
The car has 150k so it should for sure be looked at.

May not have one.

Toyota/Lexus/Scion has done away with tranny dip-sticks for a while now. My 05 4runner doesn’t have one…neither does my wifes 07 Lexus…and my 14 Highlander.

The transmission dipstick is on the drivers side on the 2001-2003 LS430. No transmission dipstick on the 2004-2006 LS430.

If the owners manuals are still with the cars you’re looking at just take a peek in there.

I will say something about Toyota/Lexus owners manual

I’ve seen cases where the owners manual does not tell you how to check the automatic transmission fluid level

It does not mention a transmission dipstick . . . nowhere in the ENTIRE manual . . . and even says the transmission is “sealed”

In that picture in the manual, where it shows the hood open, and shows the battery, engine oil dipstick, washer reservoir, fuse box, etc., . . . it conspicuously does NOT show the transmission dipstick

yet, if you go out to the actual car and pop the hood, it’s there

In summary . . . the Toyota owners manual may or may not be a help

I think your own eyes are the most important tool. On my Toyota . . . and my manual makes absolutely no mention of the dipstick, incidentally . . . the dipstick is right where it should be, but it’s pretty low. Meaning the dipstick tube itself isn’t very tall, and you might initially miss it

The stick on Subaru manual transmissions and on the final drive of automatics is also very short and out of sight.
This can be problematic when someone sees the easily visible ATF stick on the automatics and assume that it’s the only one there is while being unaware of the hypoid oil stick on the other side.

Lexus and Toyota, like others, have removed transmission dipsticks over recent years.

I thought 2003 was still in the years that Lexus had dipsticks, but would not be surprised to learn otherwise.

How about the 1999 LS400?

My 2005 Camry has a dipstick . . . but the manual says the transmission is sealed. The manual doesn’t show or mention the dipstick

Sealed . . . yeah, sure

@melott - most likely you will have the vehicle mechanically inspected so why worry about a dipstick . Just tell the person to check all fluids.

In reality, one of the first stops should be to have the fluid changed anyway, along with the oil and maybe coolant. Then all the standard stuff that they should have done before trading the car in instead like hoses, belts, brake pads/rotors, tune up, filters, and so on to get it back on track. Unless they have proof of these things being done.

One of the issues with this car is that it is so far away from my home that I am reluctant to drive it all the way back to check over. Two LS400 models 1999
163k $5000 has dent, over an hour from home.
101k $8000 no visible dent. half as far away.
So, naturally, I want to do the best mechanical inspection I can. And, if the tranny fluid is brown, I would not want to buy it anyway.

Then all the standard stuff that they should have done before trading the car in instead like hoses, belts, brake pads/rotors, tune up, filters, and so on

I hope you mean to say what they should have been doing all along because I know of no one that would do all that kind of work right before trading in a car. Might as well just burn the cash in your backyard fire pit…

Edmunds says regular fuel for a 99 LS. That has to be a mistake, right? No manual available.

TT, Yes that’s the problem, people will let the maintenance slip and trade instead. So the new owner needs to factor in all of these items that otherwise should have been done. Maybe another reason to at least price the difference of buying new without a previous owner who may or may not care much about maintenance.

From the 1999 LS400 owners manual;

Octane rating
Select premium unleaded gasoline with an Octane
Rating of 91 (Research Octane Number 96) or higher
for optimum engine performance. However, if such
premium type cannot be obtained, you may
temporarily use unleaded gasoline with an Octane
Rating as low as 87 (Research Octane Number 91).