PCV system and check engine light

I broke an old pcv tube and drove it for 20km like that to buy something to fix it. The shop, repco, didn’t stock the same part so I bought a thick rubber tube with the same size tunnel (9mm). I also bought 2 hose clamps. Put it together, it fit tightly, with the hose clamps there was no leaks.

An hour later the check engine light came on. Could this be due to driving it for 20km with the broken pcv tube (aka problem is fixed for now, engine air/fuel ratio will balance itself out in time> Or has a new crack opened up since? Might just need to replace the entire pcv system

Best first step is to find out what codes comes out of the computer. Can be done for free at many parts stores. Just don’t let them diagnose it. Get the codes and post them here.