Can a broken PCV tube damage the engine?

my car was having a leaking valve gasket so went to a shop and got it fix. but after 3 week the car completely stop working. so i look under the hood, and notice 2 things, the first one was the engine cover was missing 2 screws and second the oil level was way above the max limit, and upon taking the engine cover off. i notice the pcv tube damage and got a shrink heat tube on it also the spark plug were soak with oil. so i went back to the shop and told them what I found but they told me that couldn’t cause issue and it was probably cause with having a bad engine. is that true or they just f-ing with me ? what can i do ?

The easiest thing to do is to avoid losing the engine cover screws. The PCV tube broken could allow moisture buildup in your oil. Does your oil look like a milkshake?
You have to get the oil level down or the engine may not start again.

No. A broken PCV tube won’t damage the engine.

Instead of directing the crankcase gasses back into the engine to be reburned, the broken tube is allowing the gasses into the atmosphere.

Just like cars did in the 60’s.


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Did you drain some oil due to overfill issue?

Excess oil may have caused problems but not the PCV valve. What did they say about the oil and how much oil was actually in the sump?

Suggest to ask your shop to properly fix the hose, test the pcv valve, and correct the high oil level (if more than 1/4 inch above the “full” mark on the dipstick). When you say “the spark plugs were soaked with oil” , do you mean the top of the spark plugs (the normally white ceramic part)? If so, that problem is probably now corrected since the valve cover gasket has been replaced. After that, if you think the engine is running poorly, ask your shop to check for stored diagnostic codes, and post them here.