Rough idle, what is this pvc tube called?

So my car check engine light has been on for a while, but it runs smoothly. This morning it was cold as, and the car started up roughly. Jolting etc, but only on idle. When I accelerated it ran smooth.

I took out all the ignition coils and checked each one, they look fine. The spark plugs are only 6 months old. But I noticed this pvc tube that had a shoddy repair done to it. It looked like it cracked and someone glued it, and now it has cracked again.

Any idea what the tube is called exactly? So I can order a replacement.

Near as I can tell, That tube looks OK, it’s the busted up PCV valve that looks bad.

Have you bothered to get the codes read? Most autoparts stores will do that for free. Be sure to record the code, it will be a P followed by 4 numbers, i.e. P0300. Report that code here nad you will get a lot more help.

That is the “breather” tube or “make-up air” tube, it is part of the positive crankcase ventilation system.

P2178, P2189 with P0300 would lean towards a vacuum leak?

The battery is pretty new and good quality, can’t see how the voltage would be too low unless something is draining it (the AC?)