Passenger headlight not working

2008 Dodge Avenger. Passenger headlight does not work. Tried changing the bulb, still didn’t work. Checked bulb, it was good. Tested the socket for voltage with a multimeter. No voltage at the socket. What is my next step? Any help would be great.

There may be an independent fuse for that light.

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Checked in manual and internet, I don’t think the headlights go through a fuse. It sounds like maybe a relay but I don’t know which one.

Remove the headlight fixture and inspect the wire side of the bulb connector. One or more of the wire feed thorughs on the connector may be oxidized or burned. I had this problem on my wife’s 2009 Cobalt. I bought a replacement connector off the shelf at Pep Boys. I cut the wires, put shrink tubing on each wire, then wound the wires from the car harness and the new connector together after stripping them. Then I soldered each wire, heat shrunk the tubing, and finished with some electrical tape to make sure no water could get under the shrunk tubing. Works great. So well that I did it again on the other headlight.

I checked the wire connection to the socket. It looks good, no loose wires or corroding.

Good to see that someone puts the shrink tube on first before soldering. I think I’m up to about an 80% chance of remembering.

Headlight function is controlled by the Totally Integrated Power Module.


Well, sometimes I start to twist the wires together, then remember. At least untwisting alone is easier than unsoldering.