2001 GMC sonoma headlights

Should be an easy job, right? My passenger side headlight was out so I replaced what I thought was the offending bulb, but the light still won’t turn on. The parking light turns on fine, as do all the other lights. I really don’t want to hear that I have a wiring issue which would require a trip to the shop. Any ideas or fixes?



On the off chance that the new bulb is bad, try the working bulb from the other side of the truck and hope it works, OR, take a voltage tester to the socket of the side not working to see if there is voltage there.

Did you look at the wiring harness that plugs into the bulb?

Did you examine the connector?

Each headlight has it’s own fuse. Check if the right headlight fuse, 15 amp, has blown in the fuse box under the hood.


Also, don’t touch the lamp glass with your fingers. The oils from your skin will cause the bulb to fail.