Headlight problem

I have tried two different brand new bulbs in my headlight assembly (low beam) and it still isn’t working. The passenger side works just fine and I don’t know why the driver’s side isn’t working after replacing the bulb?

This means that you need to check the socket/plug itself and the wiring to the socket. One or both is having a problem. If you want to look your self, alot of wiring issues right at the plug where they tend to take a lot of flex and at any other point that they go around corners or perhaps rub against things. You might get lucky and find something obvious. Also take a good look at the socket for signs of corrosion. If you find any spray it out with some electronics cleaner & give it another whirl.

Yeah, I used to be a sound technician so I am pretty familiar with wiring. I saw no obvious kinks or corrosion. It’s pretty clean. There is a black “looks like maybe a circuit junction” that the primary wiring goes into. Is there a fuse in there or something? or maybe it needs replaced itself?

being a techy you probably have a multimeter hanging around…use it

Nah, I quit doing sound a couple of years ago and gave away most of my stuff. Do you mean that I should check the signal going into the plug and also into and out of the black box thingy? (that’s girl language)

Multimeter is in this inference for checking voltages and ohms, chances are you need to replace the bulb receptacle

So yes - you need to get a multimeter and check for power at the plug. You can pick up a cheapy for $10 or less.

thanks guys, I will check that out tomorrow. I am fixing dinner for the grandkids at the moment. I appreciate your quick responses and input. Thanks again

Start at the plug and work backwards until you find 12 Volts.

follow the info that it gives you…voltage, amps, ohms,etc. taken before and after connections may just reveal a bad solder joint, broken wire, burnt resistor etc/ Best basic and useful cheap tool to troubleshoot elec problems, and advise using digital these days or you can damage some of the circuitry with older analogue higher voltage power supplies.

Check the fuse. The location for the fuse should be in the owner’s manual. Some cars have separate fuses for each headlight. Some separate by low-beam/high-beam.

How about year,make,model,engine?