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Parts for older cars

I have a Ford Aerostar 1994-extended cab-with rear doors that open out-not a liftgate. I had a minor accident and need a rear bumper-right side. I have tried all over the country to find this bumper, going on several websites and

Ford only junk yards. The van is in excellent condition with only 110,000 miles on it and I don’t want to sell it and buy a new one. I like having it all paid for. I thought that perhaps Car Talk with its national exposure might be able to help.Thanks

Go to “” (gotta put the dash in there though. is worthless) and plug in the search information. There appear to be a number of them depending on whether with molding or without, etc. About $100 plus shipping. The other place is French Lake Auto Part north of MPLS. They specialize in older parts but 94 is a little new for them.

You might do a net search for Wilson Salvage in Oklahoma City. They’re strictly a Ford only salvage, have been around forever, and are good people to deal with.

Maybe that will help you out.

When that truck was new their were two choices of end cap, one with a moulding on it and one plain.

When car mfgrs call a parts “obslolete” there are still new parts in boxes that get sold off to “obsolete warehouses” who sell only to dealers.
If you want a new parts have your dealer check with these places. I see one end cap with moulding in stock at Greens Sales in Ohio . Part # E99Z-17810-D. Plain, no moulding doesn’t show in stock but there are other warehouses accross the country your dealer could check with. Plain part # E99Z-17810-C.
When these parts were new the 2001 list price for the “d” was $120.78 …Maybe a used one is the best repair for a truck this age after all.

Try “Harry’s”. They’re my local parts yard and I’ve seen a lot of older Fords there. I’m in NE Pennsylvania . . . that’s where the salvage yard is. Rocketman

Have you tried visiting any local junkyards? Junkyards are perhaps one of the only businesses these days that by and large do not have a web presence so you really have to call them up and do some foot work. It sort of depends on where you live, but Aerostars are just about the right age for there to be TONS of them in u-pull-it junkyards. There’s at least a couple dozen of them at my favorite yard.

It might help if you said where you are, but I’ll add another large junkyard that ships and has searchable website, Spalding’s auto wrecking in Spokane, WA: