What are some resources/online sites for used parts (1988 Olds)?

I have a 1988 98 Olds in very good condition and would like to restore it fully. I don’t know where to start in locating parts --mainly smaller things like bumper fillers, grill emblems, etc. Can those of you with this experience provide some insight? Thanks so much from a novice “old car lover.”

The best would be to find a U-pull type junk yard in your area and check their inventory. When they have one in stock get down there to strip what you want right away. “car-parts.com” is a good on-line search tool for the larger parts to at least locate and see what’s available, but they aren’t going to bother with things like emblems. Some of these parts can still be gotten at the GM dealer but a little pricey. Also, French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP), north of Minneapolis, specializes in older cars and a good source for body parts etc. You can just google them.


sort of confusing, go to bottom of page and click on catalog.

and when you enter the year for your dinosaur it will direct you to ‘classic’

then year make model.

Thanks for both of these posts. I will check these out right away. I appreciate your time!

Cappy208, nice link. A little pricey for mine, like $500 for a steering wheel, $300 for headliner, $700 for a seat rail. Thank heavens for junk yards.