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Are there any other Tercel models with virtually similar parts as my 94’ ?

This is very easy to answer

Your body style is model years 1991 - 1994

And I owned a 1994 Tercel for many years, so I know what I’m talking a out

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Which parts? Cars have hundreds of parts, most of which are used in other cars from the same manufacturer and over many years.

Thank you for your timely response, I need to get new fenders and a radiator support beam. I also need headlight housings.

Those are body parts.

Most 94 Tercels were crushed a long time ago.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think I know what happened

you drove the Tercel under a truck bumper, correct . . . ?!

My brother did the exact same thing

The truck was unscratched

But the Tercel needed exactly those parts you mentioned

Any 1991 - 1994 Tercel will serve as a suitable donor for the fender and radiator support

As for headlight housings, do you mean the headlamp itself, or the “bezel” . . . ?!

But not to worry, if your Tercel has sealed beams, it’s very easy to switch to aerodynamic headlamps. I did it for very little money

By the way, nice to hear that somebody is still driving one of those Tercels. They’re ugly, slow, don’t even get terrific gas mileage, but they’re rugged survivors


None taken whatsoever, I fell asleep at the wheel for half a second and yes I rear ended a truck.

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We were able to get all those parts at our local pick-a-part on 1/2 price weekend.

As for the headlight assembly, I need the part that reflects the light. The frame, not sure what it’s called.

The pick and pull down here doesn’t have any parts

Hope this helps and gives some justice

I just looked on Rockauto . . . no dice

Not even the lighting

I suggest ebay or even calling some junkyards . . . the type that have the parts already sitting on the shelf

The goal is clearly to get the car driveable again, correct?

You’re not actually concerned that it “looks good” are you?

Have you considered using a bfh and a slide-hammer set to get things reasonably straight, so that you can at least close the hood

If you can’t get fenders, I bet you could act like a caveman and get them straightened enough so that you could get new headlights and turn signals to fit, while also being able to get the hood to latch

Another thought . . . a Paseo from the same model years mght very well have the same radiator support, but I suspect you’ll have the same bad luck finding it a local pick-a-part

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Sorry, I forgot to mention I already ordered the radiator and the airbag. The fenders or in need of repairs as well so we need to be replaced. I don’t really care about looks more so as performance.

Another issue I have is the rock auto and other car places online charge exorbitant rates for shipping.

Hence the local junkyards . . . who cares if the fender color is wrong?

But yeah, I agree that rockauto in particular has skyhigh s/h rates

I called a few junkyards in my area, and none of them have the parts I’m looking for. They don’t even have the cars. I just need a definite answer as to which cars have compatible parts then I’ll be able to proceed with getting it fixed. What are you guys mentioned 91 to 94 as well as the Paseo

Face it.

Your car is too old to acquire the parts required to fix it.

If junk yards or U-Pull yards don’t have your vehicle in inventory, what does that tell you?


If older cars can be rebuilt then so can mine.

Have you checked on That’s a site for nationwide junkyards.

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Yeah I’ve been all over the web it seems, the s/h is outrageous though. One place charged $20 per headlight for shipping