Help finding Authentic GM Bumper Filler (rear) for 1983 Olds 98 Regency

I have a 1983 Olds 98 Regency in very good condition and need a rear bumper filler for it. I have found after market products that my body shop said to avoid. The original has one long piece across the back (approx 71 inches) and two corner pieces. The after market is two across the back, and the corner pieces.

Any suggestions on finding a new or used in good condition bumper filler for the land yacht?

Do you mean the styrofoam filler material? I can’t imagine the aftermarket one could make a difference.

If you need original parts, a junkyard is the only place for them. Or maybe Hemmings, but your car is not a classic or collector-interest car.

I wouldn’t consider this vehicle a classic. There are good aftermarket bumpers out there. Not all are junk. Some are better then OEM.

@mleich - I think OP’s referring to the plastic part that filled the gap between the rear ‘battering ram’ bumper and the body. They deteriorate and crack, so finding a used one would be tough. Check out Hemmings, but OP may need to just use the aftermarket products. Once painted I can’t imagine it making much of a difference.

Considering the age of this car, I think you’ll have to settle for the 4 piece aftermarket version, and consider yourself lucky those are still available.

I would go with the aftermarket filler material as well. Most of these vehicles were crushed years ago.

I would go with the aftermarket too. Whether the foam is in one or two pieces just doesn’t matter and is all covered by the bumper cover. Otherwise your best bet is to check out the you pull lots where you pull your own parts off the cars. They buy older cars. This is not a particularly rare vehicle though.