Parts Finder Services


Hello again all!

I’m hoping that all you wonderful car people out there know of some parts finder services. I used one a few months ago to get a part for my Riviera but I failed to save the web address, and can’t find it again.

I figured that this would be a great topic to post here on the forums because if everyone who knows of a parts finder service (phone number or website) or services were to post them on here, we’d have a giant list of parts finder services, which would be an invaluable peice of information to have on file if you work on cars.

Currently, in case anyone is curious, I’m looking for the center console trim peice for a 1990 Riviera. It’s the fake wood stuff they make outa plastic and it runs from the center console storage bin, past the gear selector and to the radio column. If anyone happens to have one, lemme know please!

So if you know a parts finder service, either online or by phone, please post it here!!!

Thank you!



I can’t comment on every one, but I have not had good experiances with part finder services. They never seem to be able to find any genuinely hard-to-find parts, and the more common parts they do find get marked up almost to the point of a new part! You’re better off calling around to auto recyclers yourself instead of paying them to do it.