Center Console Latch- Jeep Cherokee 2015

Center console latch has broken on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Having trouble locating the part online. Anyone know if they sell it or if there is another part that is compatible with my car?

When the latch broke on the console in my truck, I used self-adhering Velcro tape to keep the lid closed.


A local salvage yard might be able to locate one . Most of them have web connections to many other salvage yards.

A Google search seems to show many places that might have the latch . Where have you looked ?

Go to parts counter at dealership. They should be able to pull up a diagram showing all individual parts. My guess, unlikely there are no aftermarket parts, only OEM.
Alternately, go to an auto recycler (junk yard) that allows you to pull your own parts.


The car is less than 10 years old. There shohld be replacement parts available from the Jeep dealer’s parts department.

The latch is part of the console lid, prices range from $335 to $500.
A used center console is about $100.

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I have a similar problem on my 2009 Dodge. Apparently the console/armrest latch is a known weak point.

I’d guess that the reason replacement latches/lids are so expensive is due to demand vs. supply; everyone is trying to replace them.

I like the velcro idea, myself. A while back I also saw a 3D printed “improved” latch for not much money. No idea how or if it works, though.

Concur w/above, best source for replacement part like this is to ask at a dealership parts dept. Bring your wallet, will likely be quite expensive. Home-brewing a solution by your own invention seems a good cost-effective work-a-round, esp if you like doing that sort of thing as a hobby, but may lower the value of the car a little. (I think this would make for a good opportunity to buy a very strong magnet!) A used console from auto-recycler or pick n pull is good idea too, but unless you’ve gone down this route before, may require quite a bit of effort on your part to find one. Alternative is hire an auto-body shop to do it for you.

The latch likely will be in an exploded drawing of the center console. Unfortunately it won’t be for sale, except as part of a larger assembly. It’s certainly worth a check at the Jeep dealer first but it’s likely the OP will have to buy the latch or console from a junkyard. Any console should be fine as long as the latch can be moved to the OP’s console.

I used the Velcro because I couldn’t find a console lid where the actual latch broke that matched the color of my interior.