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Parts and repairs

I was rear ended on 12/17. The guy forgot to stop at a NO TURN ON RED SIGN!!! My right rear bumper was cracked in the corner and is bent (or leans) down now. The section of the fender (the metal body work behind the bumper) was pushed in a bit, causing the paint to actually peel off the metal! Looks like tissue paper!! My question is this: What is under the body work/fender that has to be replaced? Styrofoam/waffled plastic? I don’t want the insurance co. OR the body shop giving me a song and dance. I bought it new in 08; it now has 20,100 miles. To me the truck is still new. I drive it like a baby carriage. I’d like to keep it new - or at least get the correct replacement parts for it! LOL And, how many coats of paint do they put on these things?? It appears that they give it a quick dip and that’s it!!?? Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

It’s a mass-produced consumer product, a truck, not a work of art…

The body shop has pictures of what is underneath the bumper cover. Where the bumper mounts could be damaged. If the insurance company is covering the cost, what is the problem?

Is your insurance company representing you in this? They should be. Even if they are, you can insist on genuine Toyota parts.

ha ha good one. You must have owned TOO many Chrysler products in you day. They ARE disposable. Thanks for the input.

Yes, I suppose they SHOULD have schematics of how things are put together. It’s been a long time since I was in a ‘bender’. All I remember is my experiences aren’t good. The problem might be this: If removalable bent metal was involved (which it isn’t) the insurance co. approves $X, the body shop then goes to the junk yard and gets the parts for LESS than what is approved. Or, instead of genuine parts, they buy after market knock offs for less. The parts are ‘new’ technically, just not genuine Toyota (or whatever manufacturer). You have to watch these guys like a hawk. But thanks for reminding me about the repair schematics hat are available. Without them, the body guys would be lost. LOL Yes, the other guys ins co IS covering this. Thanks again.

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