Part value

what would you pay for each set of manifolds? they are in good shape. one set is from a Z06. the other is from a more common LS2

I don’t know any prices unless I see them on Pawn Stars. If I needed them PDQ I’d be SOL.

The only way you MIGHT sell these is EBay. Start with $20. Your odds are not good. And it’ll probably cost more to ship them than you’ll get.

Look up similar parts on EBay and Craigslist and price yours accordingly.

Used vehicle parts have very little value…until they are needed.

It’s a fact of life for most parts.

You might go to and see if they’re listed.

It would help if you provided a year.
A quick search on shows anywhere from $70-155.
That’s just for one side.
I have no use for them but if you sell them for $20 I’ll buy them.

I bet these will be valuable in 20 years, when folks are repairing all the botched up hop up jobs…

Me, I wouldn’t pay anything for them b/c I don’t have any use for them. But if I needed one, I’d easily pay $100 with no complaint at all for a used manifold provided it fit was in good working order. So the key is to find someone who needs that exact manifold.

Price will be dependent up availability and need/want.