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Selling VW 2001 Jetta for parts? What's the best way? Pricing recommendations?

Sadly, my 2001 VW Turbo Jetta with the coolant problems has decided to kick the bucket, despite the best efforts of advice I received from helpful folks here. My new mechanic tells me that the head gasket is gone and likely the head is also cracked. The problem went on for long enough that other parts of the engine are gummed up with cooked coolant and she’s started running rough. The fact that my previous mechanic failed to catch this sooner despite 5 different visits is another issue all together.

Now she sits in the driveway and I’m trying to figure out the best way to recoup what I can. The shame of it is that in the last 4 months I have replaced the rear suspension, timing belt & water pump (along with a bunch of cracked hoses). Never mind the two new tires in the last year and new brakes a year and a half ago. All with the intention to keep it for another year or two (she’s got low mileage, just over 100K and gently used).

So, my question to you all is how do I get the most out of the situation with minimal hassle? I’ve thought of posting it on Craig’s list for parts, but don’t know what I can reasonably ask for given it runs poorly but has about $2K of new parts in her. The bluebook value would run about $2500 if she was fully functional.

Any suggestions?


I would start with Craigslist and then move on to eBay. Make sure that you specify that the buyer deals with picking it up.

You could also call around to local salvage yards.

At the very least, a scrap metal collector will likely give you a couple hundred bucks for it.

If there is a VW Jetta forum, they may have a classified section that includes parting out your vehicle. I’m so sorry.

Depending on the condition and colors, I’d consider it. A local carwash (no names) destroyed the finish on my '01 Wolfsburg. My wife really loves the car, and it still runs fantastic (many here will remember me saying I drive it like I stole it, which is rarely, because she doesn’t like my truck). It would be a lot cheaper for someone like me to pay you 2K for a car, then strip out the parts I want.

I’d give it a couple weeks, and if you don’t get any calls, have a local yard come and get it. It’s a bummer it’s dead, but you did have some fun with it, and now (unfortunately) it’s just time to move on.