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Is it worth getting intake manifold replaced?

Is it worth having the intake manifold replaced in a 1997 Lincoln Town Car? I received a quote for parts and labor of about $1200.

A lot depends on the overall condition of the car, how long you plan to keep it, and, of course, whether the manifold really needs to be replaced. It’s not a part that fails very often in most cars.

Let me guess, the manifold split and spewed coolant everywhere. A unfortunately typical and stupid (not to mention expensive) problem on the Panther-platform cars, up until 2002. Another brilliant Ford build idea: use plastic instead of aluminum, and then let your customers pay $1000 each to fix the problem. Although, Ford did pay for these repairs, but only until 2006. Stupid Ford.

Anyway, the price you were quoted is in the ballpark, although you should be able to get it done for less elsewhere. I’ve heard prices range from $700 up to around $1200. My parents paid $1000 (Canadian) for the repair in their 97 Crown Vic (on a side note: what a crappy car. It’s been in the garage more than it’s been on the road.)

Why do you need a new intake manifold? This information could help us determine if you should have he replacement done.

A known problem. I had it with my 97 which had occasional coolant loss. It would take out a plug in about 4-10K. For a $1.50 plug a couple of times a year,I just lived with for 4 years.

Thanks for the responses. Yes the intake manifold “split” and coolant spewed everywhere. Got some other quotes between $890 and $1000. Once it’s replaced, is it likely to happen again - is it still made with plastic? That’s really strange - the fellow with the lowest quote mentioned this too. Thanks again for the tips!!!

No, it won’t split again. The new manifold is still made of plastic, except for the coolant crossover (the part that split), which is made of aluminum, so it will not crack again. At least, the replacement part should have the aluminum crossover. I think Ford specified that all new manifolds were to be made with the aluminum part. Make sure whoever does the job uses a new manifold, and not a used one.

Not sure about Ford, but GM had major intake manifold problems. And there are several aftermarket companies making new and improved intake manifolds…far superior to the OEM manifold…AND CHEAPER. I’ll bet there’s someone making one for Ford.

Thanks a lot! I will do that.

Thanks for the info!

It will probably be considered to be a worthwhile experiment. The plastic manifolds are less expensive, flow better and are lighter. There were, of course, a few little bugs to be worked out.

If you like the car and have not had a lot of problems, it is probably worth it. Where else can you find a car that has been treated as well as you Town Car?

Dorman makes a replacement intake for the 4.6 l Ford. It is less expensive. Some people don’t like the fact that it does not have metal inserts for the coil screws. You have to put the screws directly into the plastic.