Older new and used GM car and Truck parts

I have a friend who owned a chevy dealer ship in wisconsin. He sold a few years ago and was left with many older GM parts from the 60s,70,s with part numbers on many of the boxes. Do you no if there is a way to find out what cars and trucks they might fit in order to try to sell. Thanks for your help Dave

Id go to a local GM dealership parts department that was still in business.

Sell off the entire inventory to
Vintage Parts 877-846-8243

They are the warehouse who sells obsolete new old stock to dealers.

Here’s a GM parts list. Give it a shot.


What kind of parts are we talking about? body,electrical,rubber. Some parts can just be eyeballed for application.

With factory OEM parts from that era I would definitely cull through them first befpre taking a chance on unloading something that is worth its weight in gold. NOS obsolete parts especially for Camaros, Chevelles, and Impalas can be worth a ton of money.
How about a couple of grand for a steering wheel? Some will bring that.

I have everything from Carbs, Waterpumps,rubber parts some distributors, a little of everything.

Can you identify any performance related items, like 4bbl carbs, perhaps some rare dual point distributors,internal engine parts. I really would sort this stuff into the "possible gold’ like OK4450 says before letting it go as a “mystery box”.

I own a couple of antique Harleys and a stash of parts that I’ve accured over the years with a fair amount being sold or traded too.

Some of those old Chevy parts, especially body and trim, could be worth a ton of money. Someone restoring an old Camaro will often pay a large wad of cash to get that real deal item instead of a reproduction that may have been churned out in Taiwan.

Many years ago I bought a stash of old Harley parts out of a barn and wound up selling off over half of it. One of the oddball items in that stash was what appeared to be an old oil tank. It was odd in that it was embossed in appearance and had a number 15 painted on the side, which I assumed to mean that someone had gone racing. Over the years I had several people look at it for an ID with no luck.

Well, about 10 years ago this tank was given a verified ID as being a mid 1936 year model tank and only a very few were ever made. My understanding is that this tank is worth 2500 dollars or more depending on how bad someone wants it.
I had only given 50 dollars for the entire stash and at times had considered just giving that tank away to a friend for a custom project. Since these tanks are not produced in the aftermarket and quite likely never will be I’ve just stuffed it away in the attic in a sealed box.
Point being that some of those Chevy parts could fall into a category like this, especially a dual point distributor as oldschool mentions. My old '59 Corvette had a factory dual point in it.

Finding that kind of stuff would really make a great story. Pizza, what Dealer in WI, I used to work at Newman Chevrolet, can’t remember the little town a bit north of Milwauke.