Part-time dash lights

All of my dash lights work at times - sometimes only the gear indicator lights work -sometimes no lights work at all - all gauges,the speedometer, and idiot lights work all the time - Buick service department says replace entire gauge cluster - Any ideas?

That sounds expensive. I’d get a second opinion from an independent shop. It sound like the important lights and gauges are working. Do the dash lights that illuminate the speedometer come on when the headlights are on? How old is the car?

It’s a 2003 Regal LS - either none or all of the lights work at any given time.

In that case I’d still take it to an independent shop for another opinion. I’d also look at for any recalls or service bulletins on this car. It sounds to me like a problem with the switch. Good luck!

Before replacing the cluster, I would want someone to check to see if the cluster is getting power and has a good ground.

The dimmer switch should be checked as well.