Buick 2003 Century

All my lights were on brake, check engine etc. and had the front panel replaced at a cost of $940.00, but now notice the gas gauge does not work. Sometimes starts up but usually stays at full. Took it back and they asked if it was not working when I brought it in for the other lights and I wasn’t sure. Think it was going slowly up and down. Anyway they checked to see if it had anything to do with the new panel they put in because they say sometimes that happens they get a bad one… They looked check it out and called me that it was the gas tank and that would need replaced at another $900.00 or so not the gauge itself… I said no I would just keep track of my mileage, not going to put more into it. Car drives great. Is there anything else that can be done to get the gauge moving again?

I would have a good independent mechanic check out your vehicle. Sometimes…a second opinion is worth it’s weight in gold. BTW…unless you misunderstood the mechanic…the real problem is probably the fuel level sensor in the gas tank. They run about $50 for most GM products. Installation costs extra but nowhere near $850.


Why was the instrument cluster replaced?

All the lights were on all the time, engine light, tract, brake etc. Had different mechanics check it out and they could not find the problem and also said need to change instrument panel.E

Next time put in a used cluster for $50. Yikes.

The company the replaced the panel for the engine lights etc coming on are going to refund my money since the lights started on again now and then, which I thought was very nice, returning my money… Thanks for the info above.


Another question

did anybody bother scanning the car for fault codes?

I’m not talking about scanning ALL the control modules, by the way

2 possibilities come to mind

You have several fault codes in various control modules, causing the warning lights to come on

There is a communication fault between the various control modules