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2000 Buick Century

The consol lights (speedomoter etc) do not always come on. They can be on and driving along go out for a while or for several days. Other times they do not come on and suddenly driving along they come on or it takes several days before they go no again.

Any suggestions as to repairs needed?

Make sure the ground cable is making good connections to the console. After that there is the dimmer switch. I may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Your gauge cluster needs to be repaired or replaced. This symptom is very common in Buick Century and Lesabre models. I repaired mine (a 2001) by replacing it with a $85 used unit from EBAY. There are also sellers on EBAY that repair your old unit and mail it back, with a guarantee. It is very easy to remove the cluster; remove the two screws on the dash cover (one on the left and one on the right, near the fuse panel) and then carefully pull out the top and bottom covers - all of it is held in by clips. Remove the six 8m / phillips head screws that hold in the gauge cluster and disconnect the single electrical connector, and you’re done. 5 - 8 minutes, tops. Good luck.

thanks for your help - going on e bay now