2003 Buick

I have a 2003 Buick Regal LS

Recently I will be driving at any speed and the dash lights will go blank engine will hesitate/ die, dash lights will all come on, go back like normal and if I’m going fast enough the engine will pick backup and continue.

I noticed it mainly during the use of the left turn signal. sometimes the right one. once in a while all bu itself. Now it still does the same thing but on key turn on all lights will blink on and off.

My BUICK Bob Spady Buick, dealer cannot duplicate the problem. This will happen several times a day.

And getting worse.

Tony Loper

North Platte Ne.

Are you saying your dealer wont perform basic electrical system integrity checks because he can not duplicate? Is this a out of pocket expense or a extended warranty deal? Sometimes you have to give the customer the benefit of the doubt and look the car over. Are you willing to pay a flat fee for a electrical system test/check-out? If you were my customer I would do all the basic checks for free,if I dont find anything then the clock starts running if you want me to keep looking. I want you as a customer

If you are losing all power then it has to be either the main battery cables, ignition switch, or wires for the switch. Since it happens more when operating the stalk, it would seem to suggest a problem with the wires in the steering column going to the switch.

You may be able to find the trouble yourself by following Bing’s good advice. While checking those areas use a screwdriver handle to tap on suspected trouble spots and see if you can make the trouble appear.

I had a similar problem with my Regal only it manifested itself more at night and when switching from low beam to high beam. At first my dealer put in switch #10416123 but that didn’t solve the problem. Then the dealer put in switch #88963625(multi function switch) and I haven’t had any problems since. Don’t know if it was only the second switch that was bad or a combination of the two.