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2002 buick regal 3.8

Car dashboard dimmer lights are dark. Tail lights are working fine. 7.5 amp fuse is not blown I have tested it for continuity. Any help on what the problem could be. No matter what I do even turning them to full they are always dark

I am not at all familiar with your car, I have owned only 2 GM cars, my first and absolutely positively my last, but whatever is behind the knob, slider or whatever you use to adjust your dash lights is bad.

It might also be oxidized contacts that no longer allow free conduction of electricity. I’ve encountered that on all my cars that I’ve kept over 12 years.

You need to pull the switch and check for current in and current out.

There may be a dedicated fuse for the dash lights. Has the radio been removed or worked on lately? Installing aftermarket sound systems often result in your problem.

Most of the dash light switches have a rheostat to dim them. On my wife’s Nisan Sentra, that part was burned out. Instead of buying a new switch for $300, I had the shop short-wire the connection so that it only showed bright. Cost $65 or so.

You can probably have the same done with your switch.

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Good advice above by @Docnick. Full bright might be a little too bright though. Replacing the defective control will return you to full functionality, but there’s probably a cheaper work-a-round possible by inserting a fixed resistor in series with the jumper wire to dim the brightness a little. Make sure whoever does that understands how to specify the correct wattage spec for the resistor.

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