Part Name - OEM Dash Insert - Stereo

I want to search for a replacement for the OEM Stereo Dash “Dummy” Insert that was removed when my stereo was installed. I can’t think of how to ask the question in a search engine and find an answer. Certainly someone here who installs stereos will know its ‘proper’ name.


Or you can look on-line for a parts diagram from a dealer and see if the part is shown along with the part number, cost, and availability. Interior parts don’t seem to be available very long though.

Search on “stereo block off plate” or “radio delete panel”

If your car isn’t too old you could ask at stereo shops. They probably would just toss those away. But I think there haven’t been cars sold without some sort of stereo for quite a while now, so you might try Ebay, too. I just looked using radio block off plate and found a bunch, including one for a 1950 Hudson for @25. So, they are out there.

Make model year?

Thank you TwinTurbo. You supplied the answer I needed unless someone else has yet another term.