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Car stereo installation

When installing an after market radio in a 2002 Chevy Blazer, a radio harness is required equipment. does it require any soldering. Also the dash doesn’t seem to hard to remove, anyone know of any tips that make it easier.

No soldering required, just remove enough dash (just a panel) to get radio out. I hope your plan to remove dash was just a typo.

The adapter harness will have to be connected to the radio’s harness and that is best done by soldering, but at least you can do that job on the bench/table so that when you install it into the car it’s just a plug-in. You can us mechanical fasteners to connect the two harnesses, but if it’s on the bench I prefer soldering.

I looked up a DIY website and saw that the panel snaps off as well as the stereo.

I still say no soldering required. You will find an adapter harness that plugs into the one you unpluged from your GM radio and at the other end of this adapter harness will be a molded plug that plugs into your new radio.

Thanks for the tips I appreciate them. I figured since I installed an after market radio when I was a teenager, over 30 years ago, I probably still have one more installation left after this one.

I’ve never seen an adapter harness with both ends. There may be some, but I’ve never seen it. There are just too many possible combinations. Every adapter harness I’ve installed gave you a connector that would fit the car with a list showing which wires went where, and the aftermarket radio would have its own connector and harness. You wire the two together to get a complete harness with both connectors.

I haven’t done one in 4 or 5 years, so maybe there is something new, but I’ve done a bunch of aftermarket stereo installs in the past.

I did bottom end radio installs for used car lots. We had two specific bottom end units (AM/FM cass,AM/FM CD) we had a fit kit (physical installation) and a plug in harness for about every car. I guess we had a better source than you did.