Chevy Venture after market control knobs


I have a '02 Chevy Venture that has a stripped knob for the console located behind the driver mounted on the ceiling. The knob for the vents needs replacing. To buy one at the Chevy dealer would cost $20. I can probably find one eventually at a junkyard, but it may take a while. Anyone know a good online supplier that carries this type of item?


$20 isn’t too bad for a dealer price. Toyota wants $160 for a radio antenna :wink:

Like you said, just go junkyard diving. You’re bound to find one.


Just look for an online GM parts supplier. No aftermarket company is going to produce such a part as its too specific.


Found a junkyard that has a '02 Siluette, but they aren’t interested in just selling me a knob or two as they want to sell the complete unit. And one w/o knobs won’t sell as well.


I have a 2000 Silo and one of the mounting screws in the headliner mounted control (like the one you’re talking about) fell out and rattled every time the van moved.

I dismantled the unit (all plastic) to find the screw and after coating the screw with glue, tightened it back in place.

Of course in due time the control knob fell off too.

After a half second hesitation I glued that on as well.

The chances of you ever having to remove the knob to repair that unit is practically nil. (after you glue the mounting screws in I mean, heh heh)


Might not be a bad idea.

I called a few junkyards and finally found a '02 Olds Silhouette. The manager basically told me he wouldn’t be willing to just sell the knobs as he couldn’t sell the whole assembly later without the knobs.