Parts website

I’m looking for a good, relible site to purchase a piece of molding (rubber) for the bottom, pass. door on a 04 Impala???


Have you checked the dealer yet? Parts at the GM dealer are often not as atrociously expensive as they can be at other dealers. Plus, anytime I try to go mucking around on the internet trying to find some obscure part like that, I always check the dealer first so I know how much cheaper the thing has to be to make it worth shipping and extra waiting time, plus the dealer parts desk can usually tell you exactly what the part is called, which makes searching much easier.

I have never used them, but JC Whitney has been around for a very long time and carry all sorts of things under the sun including harder to find things like OEM spec moldings and such. I have not used them, but a lot of people swear by them.

I agree about checking with the dealer; they’re often not as high priced as you would think.
An oddball little dealer only clip I needed a while back was a measly .62 cents at the local Chevy house. That’s a money losing deal for them because the paper/ink cost more than what they made.
When my son ran over a critter and broke the front airdam off of his Camaro it only set him back 35 bucks at the Chevy house.

You might also do a net search for Certi-Fit. They’re a huge nationwide body parts outfit and are very reasonable. I cannot say if they would stock this particular item or not but it’s worth a shot.


purchased at the dealer for $21.00 I thought it would be a lot worse!

Thank you for keeping us informed of the results. Sounds like a happy ending and 21 bucks is cheaper than even I thought it would be.

I always check the parts cost at a local dealer and compare to a couple of internet sources. Some times the web sites are 1/2 the price, and some times the dealer is cheaper. Some times it’s a wash, but why not support a local business if it’s not costing a bunch extra? No rhyme or reason to it that I’ve seen, just remember to include shipping as part of the cost from web sources.