Parking brake light-how fix it?

Hi --The red dash light for my parking brake stays on until I jiggle the brake handle, then it stays off until I re-start the car the next time and then it goes on again. Brake fluid is fine.

Appears to be a faulty switch attached to the handle. How do I fix this? Is it a major job? [it’s a 1998 Honda Accord]

It might not be a faulty switch. Your parking brake might need adjustment, or the cable is binding.

If you push down on the brake handle, and it comes back up a bit (even just a tiny bit), there may be something wrong (as Whitey said). Get it checked out. The handbrake (parking brake) is a completely different system from the one you engage with your pedal.

Note: The switch itself is held in a little slot under the switch, and they’re normally pretty easy to replace (and a fairly cheap part). The hardest part is getting the plastic covers off so you can get at it.

“The hardest part is getting the plastic covers off so you can get at it.” Fer sure. When I had to get into the shift console of our '99 Escort I never could have figured it out without the Haynes manual (remove one or two cleverly placed screws, and things popped apart). If you can’t find directions on-line, or get a free look in a library, then spending$25~$30 for the Haynes manual would be a good idea.

Well its not your switch because if you play with it the light goes off. I will bet that it is the P-brake cable being out of adjustment. WHen you release your P-Brake the cable should be in a little bit of tension when the lever is in the down position this tension engages the lever against the continuity switch at the levers base. If the cable snaps or the brakes arent working properly the lever will flop around when it is released…it cant be allowed to flop for obvious reasons. Look into your P-brake system and cable first…the switch is working.