Brake light continue to stay on for about 10mins after parking

87 Acura Integra 165k

After parking the car, and turning off the engine, and locked the car, the brake light continue to stay on for about 10mins - then goes off on its on.
What seems to be the problem - easy to fix?

Perhaps the switch that’s activated by the brake lever to illuminate the brake lights is sticking in the “activated” position, and the brake level return spring is taking about 10 minutes to “deactivate” the switch.

The “switch” is like a button. When you press the brake pedal, the lever comes off the button and allows a ground path for the brake light circuit. Perhaps it’s sticking there and the brake lever’s return spring is taking time to press it again. Your brake light circuit always has power to it, so if this were the case the lights would stay illuminated even after locking up the car and walking away from it.

I assume you are not referring to the brake warning light. If the rear brake lights are staying on then hopefully just adjusting the switch on the brake pedal will stop the problem. If that doesn’t work then you may have to replace the switch.

Yes - rear brake lights

It turned out the Brake pedal stop pad disintegrated.

I got something from OSH that fix the issue - I normally would prefer using the right part.

I had the same problem with my '88 Supra. The rubber pad disintegrated, and the hole was the exact same size as the plunger for the brake switch!. Fixed that with a piece of sandpaper, a penny, and some JB Weld. That was 6 years ago and the penny is still there.

@sciconf Go to the Acura dealer. They might have that pad in stock

Same thing happened to a 1994 Toyota, which is now a spare car. I went to the Toyota dealer, and they had the pad in stock. it was very cheap, and only took a few seconds to install it

Thanks for posting back with the solution OP. Based on what folks here are saying, I’m going pro-active & checking that rubber pad on my Corolla this weekend!