Park gear, electronically, not registering well, intermittently

1990 Acura Integra
The Park gear, electronically, not registering well, intermittently - when I move it to Park, it could take some time before it shows up on the dash - if I turn off the engine quickly, it won’t let me remove the key as a result. - not always though.

Is this something any of you experienced - any known fixes?

Wondering if the above issue has anything to do with my earlier thread on engine oil pressure light - I have not had this issue for twice now:

Did you check the shift linkage under the car? Play could develop at the central nut where the shifter rods connects.

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I will have to take it to a mechanic - inter lock or something need to be checked.

This is related to my previous post - prob the same issue:

The grommets on the ends of the gear selector cable are probably deteriorated and loose, this may be why you can’t fully engage the park position.

In your other thread you solved the shifting problem with a magic touch to the steering wheel?

How expensive to fix this?
My previous post is prob mis-diagnosis

A new gear selector cable is almost $300. First examine the shift lever assembly and both ends of the cable to determine what the problem is.