Electric signal from AT is weak that key from ignition is hard to remove at times?

1990 Acura Integra
Car doesn’t know or takes time to know that the tranny is in Park and engine is off - until then it does not let the key to be removed despite the engine is turned off!

What kind of fix - it was poorly maintained car

Rock the steering wheel a little to the right and remove the key.The steering wheel will be in the lock position but you have a little play there.

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Are you saying it is not a tranny issue at all?

The lock cylinder part of the ignition switch is worn out.


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@Tester and others

For older cars, I deliberately go to the dealership with the VIN and have a brand new key cut from the VIN itself. This is to avoid lock cylinders getting worn badly.

On my 1999 car with 135k miles, one old key was thrown out - the 2nd key now stopped working properly when I try to open the door - but the freshly cut key works fine!

Though I am using a fresh cut key, I ran into the same issue.
I pushed the assembly a bit and key came out easily. Mechanic said there is no bolt at the bottom - apparently it supposed to be there.

Is there a fix other than changing the lock?