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Panic over Panic Alarm going off at all hours, day and night

Several times in the last month the lights start flashing and horn blaring on our 2002 Gr Caravan. Do you know what’s wrong? It just happened twice in the last 1/2 hr. The first time the doors were locked and the last time I left the doors unlocked…makes no difference. Can we disable the panic system? We no longer have the electric key fob with the panic button and only use the key to lock and unlock from outside the vehicle. It has power locks and some times I will lock it when I get out by using the power lock switch on the drivers door. We bought the vehicle 2 yrs ago, used. I don’t think it has an alarm system but the panic button did work before it was lost. I’m not sure if any of this information is related but I thought too much is better than not enough.

I just pulled the horn relay so at least it won’t wake the neighbors when it goes off at 3AM

There are, usually, some adjustable sensor, which may be set too sensitive, right now.
Look in your Yellow Pages for an Automotive Security and Alarm System specialist. Call’em.