2007 Honda Civic panic alarm won't stop!

I have a 2007 honda civic in otherwise good shape. Today, when opening the trunk of my car, the panic alarm turned on- I’m not sure if I accidentally pushed the panic button on my fob, but it’s quite possible that I did. In any case, the alarm won’t turn off when I push the fob button. If I wait for 3 minutes or so, the alarm eventually goes quiet but the red alarm light on the dashboard continues to flash. And if I open/shut my car door, or put my car in park/drive, the entire cycle starts again. Even when I let my car sit for a few hours, when I went and opened the door again the alarm went off once more.

My fob opens the car’s trunk just fine, ect, so I don’t think it’s a fob battery issue. On an unrelated note, the automatic locks on the car haven’t worked for years, so I manually lock/unlock everything. I just have no idea what to do. Planning on taking it in the the dealer tomorrow morning, but hoping someone more mechanically minded than me has any ideas/experiences with this happening? It is just bizarre, and I’m sure everyone in my apartment complex hates me right about now…


The problem might be in the key fob.
Do you have a second key? Or a valet key? If so, try that one for a few days and see if the problem disappears.

When I first bought my car, I had a recurring problem with the intruder alarm going off, even when the car was in the garage and I was sitting in the house. In my case, it was junk in my pocket occasionally pressing the intruder alert button. In you case it could be a defective key fob.

Remove the fuse for the horn until you can have this repaired.

On my car, once the alarm is tripped, you have to unlock the driver’s door with the key to reset it. Owner verification. You might read your owner’s manual to see if similar or just try it.

You need to press the unlock button on the key fob. Even though it’s not unlocking the doors, it is turning off the alarm. You set the alarm somehow (maybe the lock button was pressed while in your pocket) and now it’s going to stay on until you turn it off.


You deserve a medal. Tried this and it worked. Can’t believe I didn’t try this yesterday, I think I was just so panicked with the alarm going off that I assumed since the locks don’t work pressing the fob button wouldn’t do anything. Seriously, you saved me a trip to the dealer, thank you so, so much!!!

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