2012 Honda Ridgeline - Electrical gremlins

My car when shifted into park and turned off went crazy locking the doors and setting off the panic button. I kept trying to engage the panic button but it wouldn’t shut off. Finally it engaged, unlocked the door. But, then wouldn’t start. All the sensor lights lit up on the dashboard but, nothing would engage the engine

I expect the security system has decided somebody may be trying the steal the car. Ask a dealership to do a reset. They’ll require proof you own the car.

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thank you for the information. Given the fact that you have experienced this, from your experience is this a on time event or does it become a reoccurring problem?

Hard to say if a one time event. This did not occur until the car was ten years old.

Just curious. were you sitting in the vehicle for a while after you shut it off? if so the alarm might of set and when you opened the door the alarm system went off. just a thought.

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A bad BCM can cause those problems.


yes, I was. When panic button went off, I believe the key was also still in the ignition

I purchased the car when it was three yrs. old but, in the seven yrs. I’ve owned this truck, I have never had any problems other than it loosing tire pressure when the weather temp changes in the fall and spring on two of the tires.

How is the panic alarm different from the security alarm?

Have you checked for a weak/failing car battery?

battery was fine. Is only a yr. old. I’m sure the security alarm and panic alarm are the same thing. I just called it that since it’s labeled as panic on the key FOB