Question concerning paint damage

Hello everyone,

It’s hard to see in the picture but the blob over the scratch is a purple hue which is a different hue than the black color of my car. If I run my finger over the scratch it goes over like a bump.

I’m an amateur when it comes too scratch repair and I have done a few spots myself. I’m looking for advice on how to approach this particular problem. Should I just do light wet sanding with 3k and 5k grit and then polish after?

Any advice is helpful really, thanks.

Try this first.


You have to do what you feel comfortable with, so what I have done, not necessarily what you should do. First you have to make sure you have the correct black. There can be several different blacks and they will not match. Then if you can carefully fill in the missing paint to level or a little above, you can flatten it to the surrounding area with the 2-3000 grit wet sanding (color sanding). Then you have to polish it by machine or hand with rubbing compound/polish/swirl remover. Sometimes it works and sometimes not depending on the paint match and how well it can be blended. One note though, white is the color of the clear coat so if it is only in the clear and not the color, might be able to just add the clear. Or the body shop can do it.

Check You’d be amazed the level of good advice there.

Wow thanks next you’ll tell me about google.

Thanks Bing and Tester I’ll just keep doing what I know and sand it down and polish.

No Try Yahoo. Professional painters and auto detailers post on Youtube. So instead of some stupid ignorant snide remark you might be appreciateive.

fix paint scratches on car - YouTube

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Perhaps something like this to knock down the high spots.

I have done similar stuff, the only thing I will add is to use masking tape and cover all the areas that are fine and then wet sand the touch up paint down. This results in no scratches in the parts that are fine.