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Paint Peel CR-V

Last fall I had to have the inside driver’s side door handle replaced on my then new 2007 Honda CR-V. The paint had peeled off the big round part of the handle. I thought it was due to my leg rubbing against the door handle. Everything was OK until it happened again this summer. I just figured out that the peeling was do to the sun-block on my leg coming into contact with the door handle. The car is still under warranty and so the handle will be replaced for free, but any ideas on how to protect the new door handle? I have to wear sun-block and I am not going to put on long pants just to drive.

How about putting something like Saran Wrap around the part of the door handle that comes in contact with your leg? You will probably have to secure it with a bit of tape, but I think that this should work–even if it doesn’t look very good.

You could try a clear epoxy spray paint. That should withstand your sunblock.

That clear plastic “invisible bra” stuff they sell to protect your hood from stone chips might work pretty well.