Someone RIPPED OFF my driver side CAR DOOR HANDLE

I stayed in all weekend to avoid the snow storm but my car got damaged anyways. A family friend dug out my car from a HUGE snow bank then (which was very nice) but then ripped the door handle right off (not so nice). I can’t afford to have it properly fixed my question is: Can I use Mighty Putty ( As seen on TV stuff from Billy Mays ) to fix it? Do you think the mighty putty will hold up? (the goal here really is to prevent from embarrassing myself on some date) - please help! christina

No. If the outer door handle got ripped off, the inner door panel has to be removed to replace it.


even if some of the plastic that holds the handle to the door is exposed? (thats the point in which i was hoping to use some sort of adhesive )

There’s no short cut fix. if you want it repaired correctly the inner door panel has to come off.


thanks, you saved me at least the money to buy the putty that wouldn’t have worked anyways. i’ll just go and hunt for someone i know that can take a panel on and off

A good online source of replacement side mirrors is A replacement mirror assembly will be black so is your mirror is the color of the car you will either have to live with a black on or have a body shop paint it. The mirror assembly may cost around $50.00

wiat, why do i have to buy a mirror? the replacement of the handle requires replacement of the mirror?

It seems to me that your friend should replace the door handle at his expense. We dug 3 cars out from under the snow and no one lost a door handle. I have a hard time imagining how the handle could be torn off without extremely poor judgement or just plain not caring.

yea…i’ve never even heard of someone doing this before. and now I’m just having a hard time finding handle that is the right color.