Cosmetic care

The vinyl on the inside door handle of my 2000 Astro Van is splitting. Are there fabric patches you can buy to measure and glue to cover it up instead of buying new handle rest? And where’s a good place to purchase a bra for my van?

There’s a patch system you can buy. I’ve used it with decent results.

It comes with 4-5 little bottles of this colored paste. You mix the colors together to get the color you desire (they supply a color chart for you)…Then you fill in the crack(s) and apply heat (from an iron)…My son had punched 5 huge holes in center head-rest which turned into long rips in minutes. You could easily see the patch job I made, but it looked decent. With practice you could probably make it look real nice.

A door handle is a high wear area. I have used these vinyl mending kits successfully, but for a door handle I would recommend a wrecking yard where you can buy the whole door handle for a few dollars. Look for a low mileage wreck.

Try VLP. You’ll Probably Need To Masking Tape The Split Closed. Follow Directions.

I’ve had good success with VLP. It “welds” the vinyl.

Click link.

Also, a salvage yard could possibly be a source for a handle in your color, unless they all split open.